Monday, February 22, 2010


...and listen to some animators talk about their process...

some good ones are:

eric goldberg
glen kean
james baxter
ken duncan
bernie mattenson

Monday, February 15, 2010

Syllabus ammendment: Assignment switcheroo!!!

Hey guys...since a LOT of people missed class this week and since this weeks assignment was to work on a morph (which is dependent on EVERYONE'S presence and participation) we are going to skip ahead 2 weeks to the observation/pov assignment...

1. Take a stack of 50+ index cards (4X6 preferably)
2. Pick an interesting location to draw from. stairwells can be fun...
3. Pick a place to start...within YOUR FIELD OF VISION (ie what you can see clearly within a frame) draw what is in front of you...keep the drawings simple but include all information that will help the viewer understand that space you are in.
4. Begin to move through the space incrementally by taking one step, turning yourself slightly, etc. think about how you want us to see the are a camera, and the viewer should be seeing what YOU are seeing (reference "The Fly")
5. Keep going til you have at the very least 50 drawings...
6. Make sure to NUMBER each drawing in the sequence because you will eventually shoot them for next week...(exposing each drawing for 3 or 4 frames apiece.)
7. Things to keep in mind are maybe including some light and shadow areas, when you shoot this maybe think of areas that we should stop and hold on for a couple of seconds before moving on so let's say I move through the space for 20 drawings and want to have the viewer "stop" for 1 second before moving on shoot the 20th drawing for 24 frames before continuing to shoot the rest.

8. This is about observation, animated camera moves, how drawings relate to each other depending upon your point of view. "The Fly" is such a great example of what we're looking for.

9. Don't spend a ton of time on each drawing or you'll never get it finished...maybe 5-10 minutes per drawing depending on the amount of information you have in the frame.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 2: Ball Bounce

Untitled from Joseph Merideth on Vimeo.

Sorry for the late post...but here ya go!

Here is how I want the 2 ball bounces shot...just watch your volumes and remember how to check them...take a ball that is not stretched or squashed as the one you check volumes against.

Experiment with one's or two's and where to put them...

Also do NOT be afraid to get rid of drawings or add a few if you need to...generally speaking you would be adding drawings in the slower areas if you need to slow it down...try to get the inbetween spacing close to the peak very tight..this will ensure that it will feel soft and give it weight...if the spacing is too much it'll feel like it's hitting a ceiling.

happy animating!!!